Before video telephony can be performed for the first time, it is necessary to verify and classify the prisoner's relationship to you.

  1. You must agree in writing to the terms of use (Annex 2) for performing video telephony and sign the declaration of consent (Annex 3) for this purpose. You can download these documents from our homepage. Please send the signed consent form (Annex 3) and a copy of your ID document to the prisoner.
  2. The prisoner shall then submit these documents together with his application for admission to use video telephony to the department personnel.
  3. The application will be reviewed under consideration of the security and order requirements of the institution as well as under consideration of the eligibility for support of the requested contacts. The decision on admission shall be made within the framework of the prison conference/during the morning meeting. The result will subsequently be shared with the prisoner.
  4. After authorisation has been granted, video telephony may be used once a month. You can then call the number
    +49 521 4896-230
    to make an appropriate appointment for making a video call.
  5. At the agreed time, you connect to the Skype local user account "Bi-Bra2020" with the user account you have specified and provided. At the request of the staff member, you hold your ID card in front of the webcam to establish your identity. Once the identity has been established, the connection with the prisoner will be set up and video telephony can be performed.